Donnerstag, 22. September 2011

Kat Richardsen - Greywalker - Labyrinth and Downpour

So, it was time to read the newest greywalker novel so I picked up Downpour and started reading. However pretty quickly I realized I do not remember the story of Labyrinth at all. So I figured I'd skim through it to catch up on the stuff I did not remember. Which of course led to me reading the entire book again. I don't know if it is a good sign that I did not remember much from the last book but one thing is for certain I do enjoy the greywalker books tremendously and the newest one was no exception. If you like fantasy and like me enjoy the fantasy PI  genre and are not against strong female main characters this is for you. The strong female character I especially like. None of that tough girl by day but really soft as soon as the job is over. Those are the characters where you go "I just don't buy it".  With Harper Blaine however I never got that feeling. Sure she struggles sometimes and isn't always tough but in a believable way and not the on/off-switch way. No spoilers I promised so none here but If you'd like to try Harper Blaine start at the beginning with Greywalker. Otherwise the story is just no fun.

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