Samstag, 13. August 2011

Alice Bliss

Oh my. I could not believe this. I started the book last night figuring I would only read a little bit and then finish it today and tomorrow in time to release it on Monday. First of all, I have never read a more moving book in my life! I could not stop crying. And not the kind were your eyes just get a bit wet but actually crying. Total surprise to me I have never had that with any book. So I completely loved it and could not put it down. Finished it at 1am this morning and was just baffled.
As I said very moving and were real. Alice strikes me as a realistic character. The problems she has with her mom are similar to what it felt like for me growing up. Your mom is different from you and does not necessarily deal with issues in the same way so it is hard to understand each other.
So I have decided to purchase the book myself because I believe that is the best way to show the author you appreciate her work. Thanks for this insightful book.

Freitag, 12. August 2011

Where is Alice Bliss?

I got the book "Alice Bliss" in the Mail today and am absolutely amazed that I actually got one. I mean it isn't like I am really a big blogger, not yet anyway :-). Now I am torn between reading this one and going on with my Greywalker novel which I am reading. However since I want to release the book ASAP I think I will start reading it tonight and hopefully be done by Monday so I can release it before the big trip to the US (starts on Monday the 22nd. Yeah!). It will probably go into the OBCZ that I just opened up at the University cause we need to keep that going. :-)

Ghost Stories - Jim Butcher

O.k. so I was actually going to write something while reading the book but being super-speed-reader me I already finished. To be honest I was very sceptical when I started reading because I had already read the short story in between and so I figured "o.k. he is really dead, so there are only two choices - reviving him in the book or having him dead (maybe running around as a ghost for all future books)". I did not like either option much.
I love the Dresden Files but how would it work if Harry is dead? I also did not see how Jim Butcher was going to revive Harry without it being completely ridiculous and unbelievable. So I started off very carefully into the book expecting to be disappointed. However after a bit of a different start it got back to being just like the other Dresden Files: funny, engaging and just so much fun. Pretty quickly I could not put it down and that's how, again, I finished it in no time.

I am still a bit unsure what to think of the ending and how I liked it but let's only say he went for secret option number three and that was what made the difference.

Freitag, 5. August 2011

Let's get started

I am new to blogging (so far I only had my own homepage which never really made it though) but I got the idea from the "Where is Alice?"-Campaign ( figured: Hey, why not write a blog about the books I am reading and then also have a place to keep my friends and family updated on how I am doing when I am traveling the world again. So here it is let's see how it goes....