Freitag, 12. August 2011

Ghost Stories - Jim Butcher

O.k. so I was actually going to write something while reading the book but being super-speed-reader me I already finished. To be honest I was very sceptical when I started reading because I had already read the short story in between and so I figured "o.k. he is really dead, so there are only two choices - reviving him in the book or having him dead (maybe running around as a ghost for all future books)". I did not like either option much.
I love the Dresden Files but how would it work if Harry is dead? I also did not see how Jim Butcher was going to revive Harry without it being completely ridiculous and unbelievable. So I started off very carefully into the book expecting to be disappointed. However after a bit of a different start it got back to being just like the other Dresden Files: funny, engaging and just so much fun. Pretty quickly I could not put it down and that's how, again, I finished it in no time.

I am still a bit unsure what to think of the ending and how I liked it but let's only say he went for secret option number three and that was what made the difference.

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